Send The Finest Roses Malta Has To Offer - By Local Florists

Sometimes, acting on impulse can be wonderfully rewarding. In all honesty, most of us probably don’t do it enough. Perhaps we should be taking inspiration from those that do. so go on, be impulsive - book a rose bouquet with local florists online now in minutes.

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Malta provides a classic case in point. A short holiday to the beautiful Mediterranean island becomes a new home after acting on impulse. The strong expat community bears testament to this. Whatever could it be that draws so many people to Malta? Perhaps it’s the climate, the food, the beaches or maybe it’s the stellar collection of florists who call the island home?

For those of us unable to call Malta home, Direct2florist is here to help you buy roses online. It has never been easier to throw caution to the wind, to act on impulse and send your loved-one a stunning rose bouquet. We’ve taken care of all the tricky stuff so you don’t have to.

Bouquets Looking Rosy For Valentines In Valletta

When the Roman priest, Valentine, was incarcerated all those years ago, it’s unlikely he foresaw the phenomena he was about to set in motion. Yet here we are. A simple letter to his true love, signed ‘from your Valentine’, sent on February 14th, has caused quite the stir.

Valentine’s day is here to stay so why not embrace it with a delivery of lovingly-arranged roses. Gestures of love needn’t be curtailed simply because you cannot be together in person. Direct2florist’s network of dedicated florists are ready and able to ensure your gift of roses reaches every recipient just how you intended. All this completed with the minimum of fuss.

Newsflash: roses aren’t solely the preserve of Valentine’s Day! In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. There’s no getting away from the fact that the rose is a beautiful flower. Whatever the special occasions, people love to receive them and our network of local Maltese florists love to work with them.

Perhaps you’re looking to celebrate an anniversary, who wouldn’t be thrilled by a classic single stem? How about Mother’s Day? It’s hard to think of a better way of saying thank you than with a stunning rose bouquet.

So Many Colours To Choose From - We’re Here To Help

Ah, the classic red rose arrangements. To many, it’s the colour we immediately think of when roses are under consideration. As red as the British phone boxes which populate Malta itself (another idiosyncrasy which makes Malta such a wonderful island). If that’s what you’re after, our network of local florists have got you covered.

If you’d prefer your selection to be less prescriptive than a dozen red roses, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of colours and arrangements available for delivery. We could continue at length here but would be better served directing you to the menu of detailed photographs provided by all of our Maltese florists. Yellow roses, white, pink, lemon or cream - to name but a few. Jump right in and explore for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I order a flower bouquet for Valentine’s Day?

    Simple answer here - the sooner the better. All our florists take great pride in ensuring their standards are never compromised. Whilst they put great store in being fully prepared for busy days such as Valentine’s, a tidal wave of orders late on February 13th will lead to inevitable problems. Ensure that your order does not encounter any complications by ordering as early as you possibly can.

  • Can I send flowers anonymously?

    Our advice would be to avoid sending anonymous deliveries. Whilst the intention is one based in romance and mystery, the reality has sometimes been known to cause recipients considerable distress. In some countries it is already a legal requirement to provide sender details and many others are heading in the same direction. So, please err on the side of caution here and include your name on all messages.

  • How will I know when the flowers have been delivered?

    The Direct2florist system ensures you receive updates throughout the process including that all-important confirmation of delivery.