Send Surprise Flowers Across Malta And Beyond

The results are in and it’s official - surprises are fabulous! Receiving radiant flowers is marvelous at any time but what about when we least expect it? OK, let’s seize the moment! Be Spontaneous - Surprise Them With A Bouquet!

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I Was Not Expecting That - Thank You!

OK, so you’ve found Direct2florist and you know you want to surprise somebody with beautifully hand-arranged flowers. Why let the impetuousness stop there? Maybe it’s time to get a little funkier with your floral selection? Have a thorough look at what our arisan Maltese florists have to offer.>

How about a selection from the Eco range? These use recyclable packaging along with biodegradable string and paper

If you fancy the full surprise flower experience, why not give your chosen florist a free license to create something totally original using the best blooms at their disposal on any given day by opting for Florist Choice Flowers. What's great about this approach is that both sender and recipient will get a wonderful surprise when they see what has been created.

Act On That Impulse - Arrange Flowers To Malta In Minutes

Being impulsive is all about seizing the moment - having an idea and wanting to act upon it immediately. In the context of surprise flower delivery, this has not always been as straightforward as one would have wished. Thankfully, Direct2florist has embraced the best of what the worldwide web has to offer so that ordering flowers is now as simple as booking a taxi.

Sometimes, our customers can put it better than we can

‘Ordered from Kenya and delivered to Milton Keynes in a matter of hours - I’m blown away’

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you order surprise flowers to your own address?

    You most certainly can and it’s a lot more common than you may think. Simply use the same address for sender and recipient when ordering. From there, just sit back and try to look impassive as your loved-one gets up to answer the door.

    • What’s a good way to surprise someone with flowers?

      Feeling romantic? How about having a beautiful romantic arrangement sent to your home whilst your partner is at work? Revel in the moment that they return from a busy day and are immediately met with a delicate fragrance filling the hallway. Then just wait to observe their face as they are confronted by an exquisite bouquet sat upon the kitchen table!