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Romantic Flowers - Delivered By Hand Throughout Malta

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O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore Art Thou Romeo? I’m In Malta! — We have some excellent news for all you prospective Juliets out there. Perhaps your Romeo (or Dave to his Mum!) has eschewed the grizzly UK weather and is currently residing on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta. It’s an expat love-story for the ages. The ability to send romantic flowers between star-crossed lovers has never been easier. For this, we have the Direct2florist platform to thank.

Provided by Direct2florist

Unlike the course of true love, the Direct2florist platform is remarkably simple to navigate. You’re stuck in London while the apple of your eye is over in Malta. Browse the selection of independent local florists. Settle on one based in the correct locality. Drill down further to select the one whose flair particularly catches your eye. There’s an extensive range of beautiful colour photos to assist you with this. Then it’s time to key-in any instructions along with that all-important message. No need to spell this out over the phone so feel free to be as amorous as you wish. All that’s left is to pay with 100% security and await notification that your delivery has safely arrived. Nice and easy - we LOVE it!

Explore Your Romantic Options - Our Florists Are Out To Impress!

One could be forgiven for reasoning that when thinking of romance, your flower of choice has to be a rose. If it’s roses that you’re after then our network of experienced local florists have plenty to offer. Classic red is always a winner but do explore the other, increasingly popular, colours they have available. White roses, for example, exude true love but with a certain understated elegance.

If not roses, then what? How about some white lilies or red tulips? Perhaps your passion and love can best be expressed with a tropical creaton? They really are stunning and it’s often a struggle to convey this fact with mere words. Thankfully, once you have selected your local florist of choice, you will be able to explore their offering with a selection of rich, vivid and detailed photographs. P.S. This includes the teddy bears!

Florists Of Malta - Calling The Tune!

You may well be aware of the beautiful, unspoilt beaches that Malta has to offer. What you may not be aware of is the island’s rich tradition of competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. Malta has consistently punched well above its weight. In fact, they’re the only non-winner to have placed in the top three on four separate occasions.

The signs were looking great that 2020 could finally be the year and then Covid struck meaning the contest was canceled. Malta’s entrant, Destiny, was all set to raise the roof with ‘All My Love’ when the show was pulled. Well Destiny, Direct2florist is at your service. Spreading all your love with a romantic floral arrangement has never been easier. Whether you want to send that lovely bouquet within Malta, to one of your Eurovision contemporaries or to the wider world, our online platform will ensure a pitch-perfect customer experience.

For All Your Valentine Floral Requirements. To And From Malta.

There’s no getting away from the fact, Valentine’s Day is a colossus of the romantic calendar. It’s imperative that Cupid gets as much support as Direct2florist has to offer. So, the object of your affection deserves a hand-picked floral arrangement that radiates just how much you think of them. What next?

Whilst we can’t quite ensure the accuracy of all Cupid’s arrows, we can ensure his marksmanship is not undermined by our Maltese network falling short when it comes to quality service. There’s a reason why we have received over fifty thousand pieces of positive feedback. We’re a network of independent florists who genuinely care. Who have immense pride in every single romantic arrangement they craft. From selecting the flowers on offer, assembling with love, to delivering in a timely manner.